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Beet Chips

These crunchy chips are made from thin slices of real beets! Each chip is lightly salted and is made with non-hydrogenated canola oil. Enjoy these chips as a snack or use them to scoop up your favorite dips and spreads.     Beet, non...
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Carrot Chips

Carrot chips have a bold orange color with a mild carrot flavor and a hint of sweetness. These chips are crunchy and lightly salted and made with non-hydrogenated canola oil. Try pairing these chips with your favorite dip for a unique snack...
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Plantain Chips

Plantains have a starchy taste, are low in sugar and a member of the banana family. They are cooked before serving and are used in savory dishes similar to the way a potato would be used.   Plantains are most commonly fried or baked, are highly...
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Squash Chips

Squash chips have a mild flavor and crunchy texture, these squash chips are perfect for eating as is or for mixing with other vegetable chip flavors. Every chip is lightly salted and can be paired with your favorite chip or vegetable dip.    ...
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Sweet Potato Chips

Sweet potato chips are sliced thin and have a slightly sweet flavor with a crispy and crunchy texture. Every chip is lightly salted and is made with non-hydrogenated canola oil. Try using them for snacking or for scooping up your favorite dip.   ...
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Vegetable Chips

Crisp vegetable chips have a combination of sweet potatoes, squash and carrot chips mixed with crispy green beans for a garden medley snack that is full of flavor. These chips are lightly salted and taste delicious by themselves but also make the perfect...
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