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Beet Chips

These crunchy chips are made from thin slices of real beets! Each chip is lightly salted and is made with non-hydrogenated canola oil. Enjoy these chips as a snack or use them to scoop up your favorite dips and spreads.     Beet, non...

Plantain Chips

  Plantains have a starchy taste, are low in sugar and a member of the banana family. They are cooked before serving and are used in savory dishes similar to the way a potato would be used.   Plantains are most commonly fried or baked,...

Vegetable Chips

Crisp vegetable chips have a combination of sweet potatoes, squash and carrot chips mixed with crispy green beans for a garden medley snack that is full of flavor! These chips are lightly salted and taste delicious by themselves but also make the...