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Cappuccino Snack Mix - 5 Lb

  Try Cappuccino Snack Mix to perk you up at any time of the day! Dark chocolate and milk chocolate coffee beans, roasted and salted hazelnuts, yogurt covered peanuts, chocolate pretzel balls, butterscotch drops, coffee and cream almonds, white...

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Mix - 5 Lb

  Chocolate Raspberry Truffle mix is unique with rich and creamy chocolate raspberry cups, chocolate drops, cranberries, raisins, almonds and cashews that makes a tasty treat. Try using this mix as a topping to turn plain ice cream into a...

Dieters Delight - 5 Lb

  Looking for a snack that won't ruin your diet? The Dieter's Delight Snack Mix is a delicious combination of various nuts, seeds and raisins. There are enough sweet and salty flavors to leave you feeling satisfied without steering your diet off...
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Dutch Apple Crisp Snack Mix - 4 Lb

  Dutch Apple snack mix is so good you'll think it came fresh from the oven! This mix has honey roasted sesame sticks, apples and yogurt covered raisins making this delicious snack taste more like a fresh baked dessert. Recipe 6 TBLS. Butter,...

Smores Snack Mix - 3 Lb

  S'mores Snack Mix is now even better thanks to new and improved ingredients! The addition of yogurt graham crackers, S'mores marshmallows and honey graham squares combined with classic graham cookies and mini milk chocolate kisses give this...

Sweet Temptation Snack Mix - 5 Lb

  Sweet Temptation snack mix is full of chocolate covered raisins, peanut candy pieces, roasted peanuts, almonds and chewy raisins. Combine this sweet and salty mix with your popcorn at your next movie night! Ingredients: Peanut Candy (milk...