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Apricots, Organic

These organic apricots are picked at peak ripeness, naturally sweet and mellow, and moderate in size (140/160). These apricots are a wholesome, delicious treat when eaten alone and also make a delicious addition to salads, snack mixes, or in baking. ...
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King Arthur

Artisan Select Organic Flour - 50 Lb

Organic Select Artisan Flour is made from select premium hard red wheat. This flour is perfect for baking hearth-baked crusty breads and rolls and naturally fermented artisan breads such as baguettes.   Ing: Premium 100% Organic Hard Red...
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Banana Chips, Sweetened (Organic)

Organic banana sweetened banana chips have a sweet, intense taste of banana. These crunchy chips make the perfect pick me up at any time of day. Try pairing these banana chips with mixed nuts and other dried fruits for a healthy snack that will keep...
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Brazil Nuts (Organic)

Medium organic Brazil nuts are a healthy nut high in protein, calcium, iron and zinc and are also one of the best natural sources of selenium. This nut has a rich and creamy taste and a texture similar to coconut. Brazil nuts make a tasty snack by...

Bulk Organic Harmony Soup Mix

Organic Harmony Soup Mix has a combination of organic ingredients to make a hearty bowl of soup. A blend of red winter wheat, red rice, pearled barley, pinto beans, red kidney beans, green split peas, black beans and navy beans come together in...
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Cashews, Raw (Organic)

These organic whole cashews are crunchy and delicious in their natural state and make the perfect snack or tasty addition to your favorite recipes. Ingredients: Cashew Kernels.Contains: Cashew Ingredients.
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Cinnamon, Organic Ground - 3 %

Organic Ground Cinnamon 3% is one of the most important baking spices as it is used in cakes, buns, breads, cookies and pies. It is excellent when added to mashed sweet potatoes, buttered acorn squash or applesauce. The 3% is actually a measurement of...
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Dry Roasted Peanuts (Organic)

These organic peanuts are slow roasted at high temperatures to seal in freshness with no added oil to produce a perfect snack or a tasty addition to your favorite recipes. Ingredients: Peanuts.Contains Peanuts, processed on equipment that is also...

New Hope Mills

Organic Buttermilk Pancake Mix - 1.5 Lb

Buttermilk Pancakes are what most people would call "regular" pancakes, but there is nothing regular about this mix! This mix is not only delicious and easy-to-prepare, but also is certified USDA organic! For an extra twist of delicious, try adding...
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Organic Tri Color Quinoa (Gluten Free)

Organic Tricolor Quinoa is native to South America, is a "pseudo-grain" - actually a gluten-free seed, but used in cooking like a whole grain. Tricolor quinoa is delicious on its own and in pilafs, soups and salads; the beautiful color elevates even...
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Spanish Almonds (Organic)

Organic Almonds are crunchy, nutritious, and delicious almonds from Spain, that make a tasty and healthy snack at any time of the day! Ingredients: Organic Spanish Almonds **Contains Almond Ingredients
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