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Green Valley

Pecans, Choice Medium Pieces

Pecans, choice medium pieces are the 2nd best grade of pieces available. These pecans are usually slightly off in color but not in taste. Use these pieces in baked goods and ice cream products. Ingredients: Raw Pecan Meats. Contains: Tree Nuts...

Pecans, Fancy Medium Pieces

$10.19 - $183.73
  Fancy pecan medium pieces are made from the best grade of pecans available. These pecan pieces are perfect for topping your favorite ice creams, cereals, puddings and yogurts.     Ingredients: Pecans. Product of USA **Contains:...

Green Valley

Pecans, Fancy Small Pieces

Fancy pecan small pieces are made from the best grade of pecans available. These small pieces are perfect for use in your favorite recipes for cookies, cakes, pies and other baked goods.   Case Size - 30 Lb   Ingredients: Pecans. Product...

California Walnut

Walnut Combo - 1/2 in. Medium Pieces

$8.59 - $154.88
  Walnut combo medium pieces have a combination of dark and light colored pieces full of fresh walnut flavor, making it perfect for baking and topping. Try making delicious chocolate walnut cookies or walnut fudge brownies with the help of this...

California Walnut

Walnuts - Midget Pieces (Light)

Walnut light granules are the perfect size for mixing into your favorite baked good recipes!   These light pieces are usually preferred for baking due to their aesthetically pleasing presentation color in sweets such as brownies, cookies and...