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A Touch of Dutch

Apple Sausage Seasoning

This apple sausage seasoning began as a seasonal favorite that is now enjoyed year-round. This delicate blend of sweet spices and apples is what you'll find in this seasoning, which truly compliments the natural flavors of pork. Follow the recipe on...

Breakfast Sage Sausage Seasoning

The old fashioned flavor of sage makes perfect delicious breakfast links and is a must have for southern style sausage gravy and biscuits. This sausage seasoning is perfect for someone who desires a flavor more robust than the Mild Country Style...

Cracked Pepper Sausage Seasoning

This natural seasoning has a bold, fresh cracked pepper taste, perfect for links, loose sausage or patties.   The finish product is perfect for old fashioned sausage gravy and biscuits.    Recipe: Thoroughly mix: 10 lbs Ground...

A Touch of Dutch

Hot Italian Sausage Seasoning

This natural seasoning has a blend of sweet paprika, hot peppers, and plenty of fennel seed to give this seasoning a spicy Italian flavor that is perfect for rope sausage, links and patties.  Recipe: Thoroughly mix: 10 lbs Ground Meat (Pork...

A Touch of Dutch

Maple Sausage Seasoning

The delicious taste of real Maple truly complements the flavor of fresh pork. This maple sausage seasoning has no artificial ingredients and is perfect for use in breakfast links and patties.  Recipe: 10 lbs Fresh Pork (about 25-30% fat) 0...

Mild Country Sausage Seasoning

This old fashioned country sausage seasoning combines black pepper, unrefined sugar and a dash of herbs and spices to create a mild seasoning that is perfect for breakfast links and patties.  Recipe: Thoroughly mix: 10 lbs Ground Meat (Pork or...

A Touch of Dutch

Smoked Sausage Seasoning

Recreate the flavors of the old smokehouse with this seasoning blend. Just smoke the seasoned meat for a finished rope sausage with an old fashioned, smoky taste.  Recipe: Thoroughly mix: 10 lbs Ground Meat (Pork or a Pork/Beef blend) (for...

Sweet Italian Sausage Seasoning

The perfect blend of traditional Italian herbs, including sweet fennel, is what makes this sweet Italian seasoning perfect for patties and rope sausage. This Italian seasoning also tastes great in crumbled sausage for a pizza topping and for...