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Black Cocoa Powder - Bulk

$4.99 - $78.99
Black Cocoa Powder has a 10-12% fat content and is often used in wafer-type cookies like those for ice cream sandwiches or in Oreo-type sandwich cookies. Ingredients: Cocoa (processed with alkali).

Black Cocoa Powder Tub

$6.89 - $78.99
    // BLACK COCOA POWDER Our Black Cocoa Powder is lightly dutched and has a 10-12% fat content for easy use in baking. Most often used for black frosting, black forest cake or wafer-type...


Garnet Dutch Cocoa Powder - 10/12

$3.29 - $94.55
  Gerkens® Cocoa, with its Dutch heritage, is known for producing consistent, high quality products. Packed in specially designed multi-walled paper bags with an inner layer to protect against moisture. The Garnet Dutch cocoa is a lightly...


Natural Cocoa Powder

Natural Cocoa Powder gives an intense chocolate flavor to baked goods, making it perfect for use in brownies, cookies and chocolate cakes.   Cocoa powder has a fat content of 10-12% and when used with baking soda will create a leavening action...