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Black Walnut Extract - 2 Oz

Black Walnut Extract can be used in cookies, cakes and frosting or anywhere the flavor of black walnut is desired.   Use this extract also for ice cream and in a wide range of sauces for meat and poultry.        Ing:...


Dark Double Strength Imitation Vanilla - 1 Gallon

  Dark Double Strength Imitation Vanilla is perfect for use in festive fruit punch beverages, milkshakes and hot cocoa as well baked goods. You can also use double strength vanilla in homemade candies such as fudge and caramel...

Dark Imitation Vanilla - 1 Gallon

  Made with synthetic vanillin and other flavorings, this Dark Imitation Vanilla Extract is an inexpensive alternative to pure vanilla extracts. This imitation extract can be substituted in any recipe that calls for pure vanilla extract...